Ankit & Arunima
Haryana, India
Sheraton Hua Hin Wedding 2019

“Never say die attitude is what define’s Neha and her team. They are always up for a challenge, and we have had the privilege of having her as the wedding planner for my wedding in 2014 (Amari Orchid, Pattya); and now my younger brother’s wedding in 2019 (Getting Dream Cruise – Singapore Malaysia Thailand).”

Abhinav Aggarwal (Brother of the Groom)
Cruise Wedding JAN 2019

From start to finish, Neha Mehrotra made sure that our wedding was nothing short of magic. Being a fan of Disney and Bollywood -these are pretty high expectations to meet, but FWP delivers what they promise, and I troves. When faced with last minute challenges, Neha went above and beyond to tackle them. She is all about the details, and will bring your dreams to life. She is a great negotiator, and is always in your corner to take on venues, hoteliers and vendors. We loved working with her and miss our nightly emails, calls and whatsapp conversations. We hope you’re as lucky to have her as we were!

Poonam and Kiranjit
Le Meridian, Phuket

Udit Goel and Ashoka Foam family
Brailley, UP, India
Sheraton, Hua Hin

Neha  made our dream wedding a reality! From the first phone conversation right until the final event, Neha was friendly, understanding and practical. She executed our wedding with amazing efficiency and brilliance. Neha goes that extra step to make sure she delivers above and beyond expectations. I would highly recommend Neha. On amazing scale of 10, FWP is an outstanding 10!!

Poonam and Hamel Shah
Anantara Bhophut, Koh Samui

Priyanca Patel & Dominic Lam
Wedding in Indigo Pearl, Phuket, Thailand
Thank you to the whole team of Foreign Wedding Planners from Mr & Mrs Patel!
Testimonial from Dr. and Mrs. K. Patel for the wedding of their Daughter

Dear Nehaji,

Here is my feedback .

Client Servicing: We were extremely happy with the way all services were provided to us, including all the time you went out of the way to help us even at issues which cropped up at the last minute.

Promptness: If I sent you a message at 9pm and you replied to me within 15 mins, what else should I say about promptness. I want to particularly point out the fact that you were extremely quick in converting our ideas into action.

Vendors: All the vendors suggested by you, except the horse were awesome! The DJ, particularly always knew what and when to play which ensure that all the guests in my party were on the dance floor. The Russian dancers kept everyone entertained. And everything was happening in synchronisation, it was like magic!

Décor: You were very quick in grasping when I said I want grand ‘Delhi Style’ décor. I cannot explain in words when I was myself walking towards Mantra, the way you had decorated the pathway and the entrance; I have never seen anything more beautiful than this (this comes from a person who had super-high expectations of décor). All my venues, be it the carnival – pool side, or Lava-phere – Party ground: they were amazing! It was like a fantasy land, something that can only be dreamt of; but cannot be seen, felt or touched. I should tell you, that a lot of my guests came to me and asked if you will be able to do the decorations in Delhi!

F & B: The Indian breads, main course, Chaat, desserts and pass around snacks were all good in taste and flavour. The feedback that my guests have given me for Chaat is that ‘We have never had this good paani-puri even in Delhi’. Sometimes the service was a bit slow however, Amari was quick and understanding to change it. They didn’t repeat the mistakes also. Having said this, sitting in Delhi: we did not expect food to be this good at all in Thailand.

Nehaji, overall I could see that you put your heart and soul and made sure that the wedding celebrations were a grand success. What amazed me was the fact that you are so passionate about what you do, and you are so good at it. My guests who have been to other destination weddings also were absolutely floored. It is a huge task to manage 250 weddings guests over a period of 4 days and you did it so effortlessly and flawlessly.

Thanks a lot for everything!

Abhinav Agarwal (Groom)
From New Delhi

Dear Neha,

Here is our feedback on our wedding.

Rupal & Hetal Patel (Bride & Groom) – If it’s a stress free perfect dream wedding you want then Neha is the one who can make this happen for you! From day 1 she was nothing less than amazing! Every event for our wedding went perfectly! She has a unique vision and her ideas are so mind blowingly creative! She is always available to talk to you, no matter what time! We cannot thank you enough Neha! You went the extra mile in every aspect to ensure that our wedding was perfect and all of our guests were well looked after. We haven’t been stressed out once throughout the entire wedding and that is all down to you! Thank you so much for all your effort and hard work!!

Ms. Nisha Patel (Mother of the bride) – Don’t have words to thank you enough for making a very special day in my life come so alive! You made my daughter’s dream wedding come alive! It was surreal. This experience I will never forget. Thank you again and wish you all the best. God bless.

Mr. Kunal Patel (Brother of the bride) – Rather than write something too long about how good this lady is at her job & talk about her track record. Let me try and keep it to 5 simple words to describe why should one choose Neha for your big day:

1. Resourceful– Amazed at how she turned around bare venues.
2. Accommodating– Listened, was empathetic and was able to handle last min. requests.
3. Enthusiastic– Very dynamic, passionate and creative about weddings. Will use her experience to help you deliver something extra special.
4. Realistic- Honest, if it can’t be done, she will say so and will always be prepared with plan B to help when things go wrong (YES, things can go wrong!) 5. Detail Driven – Understands the importance of getting even the smallest things right.

Congratulations Neha! Another happy wedding group! From an Unbiased and very happy brother of the bride!
From London

Dear Neha,

You are truly outstanding at what you do – knowledgeable, practical and most importantly to us – personable! The base wedding you put in our Pattaya wedding, made all the difference. Your attention to details and excellent management made sure that everyone was comfortable and all functions went smoothly. We would absolutely recommend this wonderful woman to anyone who is planning their wedding. Neha is reliable, extremely prompt in returning communication and highly organized. Neha takes great pleasure in wedding planning and the quality of work is reflected in her enthusiasm. Thank you so much for helping us make the wedding so incredible and for making sure that we get the wedding we wanted.


Nitin Gupta (Brother of groom)
From Ludhiana

Dear Neha,

Thanks a lot for a wonderful experience we had in Hua Hin, Thailand. You organized my sister’s wedding very professionally and with all the personal touch that is needed for a memorable event. I would like to highly recommend you for the efforts you put in and would gladly wish you more business in future.

Indian weddings are bit cumbersome when it comes to details but your efficient and detailed planning made our job a lot easier and even we could enjoy the wedding, which is unlikely if I had been in India and being from bride’s side.

Once again I would like to thank you for everything and would be there to assist you incase you need any references in future.

Ankur Shah (Brother of the bride)
Jaipur, India

Dear Neha,

We want to thank you for making our wedding such a memorable event. It was so refreshing to work with somebody in such a professional manner. To think that we were able to plan something completely via email and telephone conversation speaks volumes of how clearly you are able to articulate your vision.

We all are completely happy with our decision to take a chance on somebody we found through internet search and following telecon.

Finally if anyone requests a recommendation from us, please do not hesitate to send them our way. We would love to share our experience working with somebody who truly understands her business and makes every effort to listen to and understand her clients. Married on 20th June, 2010 in Hua Hin.

With lots of love
Atika & Bhavik Jhaveri (Bride and Groom)

My wedding was in Thailand this November and Neha did a fantabulous job. From perfect decor, amazing arrangements to everything been handled well on time. I am supremely happy and satisfied with her work. The way she managed and executed the whole wedding was like a dream wedding for me. Cheers to this amazing team and there’s a long way to go. Hoping to work with you soon again

– Meghna Satish Gahlot

Hi Neha,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate you on behalf of the Puri & Khanna families for your valiant efforts in organizing; as described by guests; “the absolute dream wedding” for our families from the 08th – 11th of July 2011. The months of planning, skype sessions, consultations and decision making compounded by the geographical distances surmounted to a colossal challenge however all the elements were combined with precision to deliver 3 days of endless festivities which we will cherish and reminiscent over fondly for years to come.

I can’t help but reflect on the months gone by. I recall my first conversation with you as a prospect – a once naïve, dreamy groom in need of an emergency rescue shaft listening in to exuberantly priced services of horrendous destination wedding planners, who not on stumbled through any basic conversation but also gave me little to no confidence in bringing to life one of the most important and eventful days of my life. Our first conversation was a relief knowing there was someone who could listen attentively, share exciting ideas, converse clearly and custom fit events to our specific requests. It was a very easy decision to hire you Neha and in hindsight a fabulous one.

Moving forward the plans started taking shape and your commitment to attending weekly / fortnightly skype session and answering all our phone calls despite the caller id warning you of the whining that was to follow, is commendable. I must admit though that I was gravely concerned and perplexed given you have lived in India all your life that you were there to attend meetings consistently on time! What an absolute disgrace to our culture. The on-site visit was a great idea and especially useful in raising our confidence in selections we were making on paper. A special thank you for going above and beyond in looking after my beautiful bride whilst she was sick onsite and providing me updates on her condition.

The palette of vendors selected and your negotiations with them given my overly budget eccentric approach was spectacular. I also managed to secretly verify your choices and prices and all of them stood ground especially our main hub ‘Amari’. Neha, please pass our deepest regards to the management and staff of the resort for the first class hospitality to our diverse array of guests who made their way from 11 different countries but enjoyed the experience equally. The accommodation, food, décor and service were exceptional and in so many ways contributed to the success of the event.

Once again, congratulations on the success, Neha. through the course of planning and especially on the days of the events you were the pillar of strength and held the fort together for us. The parents were well looked after and you ensured all guests & requests were catered to appropriately despite the influx. We hope to keep in touch with you in the future and have no doubt you are going to be an extremely busy woman with the high standard of service and dreams you create. Good luck and God bless!

Thanks & Regards,
Rohan & Shikha Khanna

Dear Neha,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great job you did for my sister’s wedding in Pattaya, Thailand. The wedding events were very well organized and I could see a lot of effort went in the whole show. We still hear from our guests about you and your team. In particular, I would like to point out most striking aspects:

1. I have to appreciate you for your coordination with Amari Orchid Hotel. We are especially happy with a way a hotel with western mind set adapted to Indian styles and traditions giving us ample room and liberty to perform the rituals.

2. The food menu for all main events as well as lunches and breakfast were very well designed to suit our guests. The decoration worked out at all venues showed lot of imagination had been put in. My guests were very happy with the food and commented many times about the beautiful decor which I believe is the final word of appreciation.

3. The airport transfer coaches & local transport was also well organized and it was very important to get this in place. We all were at ease with this responsibility being taken care by you. Hence we were able to enjoy ourselves & alongside gave the guests the liberty to manage their logistics at will.

4. I would especially like to include a mention of Coral Island trip arranged for my guests. The water sports activities were well organized and the food served there was much appreciated by my guests.

5. The coordination with the belly dancers, singers and the DJ was a well done job. The entire line up of events, with the performers, gave each event the high that one could see and judge from increasing energy levels in the guests. We were impressed with all the events.

In brief, we appreciate your hard work and your diligence towards our cause and we will not hesitate to recommend you in future as a brilliant host and wedding planner for destination wedding. ALL THE VERY BEST FOR FUTURE.

Sincere Regards
Saurabh Chawla (Brother of the Bride)
New Delhi

We the family of the bride and the bridegroom wish to convey that we had an amazing wedding on 29th August 2010 of our childern. You as our wedding planner was impressive that saw the 3 day event go very successfully and enjoyable at Phuket. Your hard work and deligence was noticed by all guests.

We are truly satisfied with all your services and would recommend you to all prospective clients.

Your sincerely
Mr. Dipak Shah (Nairobi, Kenya) Family of bride
Mr. Surya Shah (London, UK) Family of groom

Letter of Recommendation from Reshantha Moodley, South Africa for Wedding in Phuket, Thailand
Udit Goel : Sofitel Resort,
Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

Hi Neha,

Neha and her team were able to deliver an outstanding wedding for us. During the 3-day wedding period, the FWP team were constantly on the go – there were so many beautiful small touches which did not go unnoticed by our guests. Given constraints on using outdoor areas, we were required to use the same ballroom for two events – Neha was able to transform the room between the two events, with so many guests commenting on the magical feel of the second night, despite having attended another event in the same room the night before.

As well as small and very thoughtful touches at the events, Neha made the whole three day experience wonderful for us – small touches like creating personalised door signs for the bride and groom as well as organising a couples massage at the hotel spa did not go unnoticed.

There were many drama’s in the run up to the wedding, including a torrential rain storm during the beach party and also just hours before the outdoor hindu ceremony began, as well as constraints on our events due to the King’s funeral being on the same day as the wedding ceremony, however Neha remained calm and on-the-ball throughout – she clearly conveyed to us the possible options we had and implemented the contingency plans like a true professional.

It is fair to say that that the combination of the expertise of the FWP team, including all the recommended vendors, combined with the beautiful resort and stunning food made the wedding an unforgettable experience for our guests – the three days were a dream come true for us, and my only wish is that we could relive them again!

Thank-you for making our wedding such an incredible experience for both us and our guests. We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone!

Talisha Solanki (UK)

Sapna and Rashpal : Rayong Marriott, Thailand

We finished our wedding a few days ago with Neha and team and are still on a high, it was the most amazing time of our lives. We cannot thank Neha enough, she took our vision and dreams and made it into reality, surpassing even what we thought was possible! From start to finish she guided us through this process with her superior knowledge of Thailand, the hotel industry and in particular her interior design and decor. Every event during our wedding was absolutely perfect and we walked in with the biggest smiles on our faces! All our guests have said they have never attended a wedding with so much thought given to the small details! Not only was Neha our wedding planner over the last year, she also became a friend and we hope to continue this relationship into the future! Thank you again to Neha and the entire FWP team for giving us the wedding of our dreams, we are eternally grateful.

Rohit’s Mother Ranjana Gupta

What can I say to Neha, Rohan and Preeti, They have become part of our family, Yes she was the wedding planner along with her team but to me it felt like they were all my family and it was a big
co-ordinated effort from all of us, with tense moments “beta yeh ho gaya ? or ye kaise hoga” but sab kuch hogaya and so beautifully!! It was a fairy tale that none of us wanted to end, these are the sentiments of many of our guests. The planning, the decor, the music, the home decorations, the hospitality desk, the little nuances, it was all fantastic and meticulous and most of all so much fun. I wish I could as someone said “press a rewind button” and do it all over again. So thanks to you Neha and your FWP team, wish you all the very best in future, and please keep in touch, it doesn’t end here. We really miss all the masti, dance practices, fooling around. Relationships will go on beyond wedding planning. Waiting to meet you all soon. A big hug and love to all of you. Good Luck in your new ventures.

Rohit & Christina : Taj Mansingh Hotel, New Delhi

Neha and team did an amazing job with all planning, dealing with all issues and last minute firedrills. Their ability to act quickly and their composure were really great for us throughout the wedding period. It was especially helpful that someone on the team was always in the lobby to direct guests and provide help or assistance where needed. There were several times when guests misplaced things and the team had backup items or made sure guests were able to get replacements for any missing items. Any guests we spoke with were also very happy with all their interactions with the FWP team. Everyone was very professional, courteous and had a positive attitude. We highly highly recommend FWP and definitely will be using FWP for more weddings in our family!!